Difference between Arduino UNO R3 DIP and Arduino UNO R3 SMD

There are different kind of Arduino boards with different specifications and shapes. Among all of them, Arduino UNO is the most common one. Arduino UNO R3 also have two types based on their form factor. one is Arduino UNO R3 DIP and the other one is Arduino UNO R3 SMD. In this guide, we are going to discuss the differences between the Arduino UNO R3 DIP and Arduino UNO R3.

Arduino UNO R3 Form Factor

Arduino UNO R3 has two form factor as below

  • Arduino UNO R3 DIP
  • Arduino UNO R3 SMD

Here we are going to discuss each of it’s form factor and the differences between them.

Arduino UNO R3 DIP VS Arduino UNO R3 SMD

Arduino UNO R3 contains a microcontroller chip called ATmega328P. A chip can be embedded to a board with two techniques.

  • DIP (Dual In-line Packaged)
  • SMD (Surface Mounted Device)

In Arduino UNO R3 DIP, the AVR Chip (ATmega328P) is Dual In-line Packaged to the Arduino board. It means if the chip got damaged, it can be replaced easily or it can be removed easily if you want to use the Atmega328P chip for some standalone project.

In Arduino UNO R3 SMD, the AVR Chip (Atmega328P) is soldered onto the Arduino board and it cannot be replaced if it get damaged.


Based on the form factor of Arduino UNO R3 or the way the AVR chip (ATmega328P) is connected to the Arduino board, there are two types of Arduino UNO R3. In DIP, the chip is Dual In-line Packaged with Arduino board and can be removed or replaced easily while in SMD, the AVR chip (ATmega328P) is soldered onto the board and cannot be replaced or removed.

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